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Regional Interest


 A varied library of books about the Southwest.

100 Hikes in New Mexico
A hike for everyone, from classic to unusual, in New Mexico.
  brushpassion.jpg A Brush with Passion
The work of Clark Cox, a southwestern painter and poet.
A History of the Southwest
Some of the individuals and events that shaped the Southwest.
  A-Maze-ing Western National Parks
19 Western National Parks Mazes, to find your way through.
Ancient Mexican Designs
30 plates to color, with color examples.
  Ancient People of the American Southwest
 An introduction to the ancient peoples and places of the American Southwest.
Audubon Field Guide to the Southwest States
 “Concise descriptions and stunning photography.”
  Authenticindianrecipes.jpg Authentic Indian Recipes
Authentic Southwestern Cooking
  Best Recipes of New Mexico's Bed and Breakfasts
Some of New Mexico’s best Bed and Breakfasts share their recipes.
Billy the Kid
Best portrayal to date of the real "kid."

  Blood and Treasure
Obscure aspect of the Civil War; the South taking over the Southwest.
Brief History of New Mexico
This book is of great use to everyone interested in New Mexico.
  Buffalo Soldiers

290 Pages. “A Narrative of the Negro Calvary in the west.”
earlyyears.jpg Carlsbad Caverns: The Early Years
Lots of early black and white photos of Carlsbad Caverns and the story that goes with them.
  Cochise: Chiricahua Apache
A rich and detailed portrayal of Cochise.
Coyote Stories
 Coyote legends handed down and now written down.
  Death, Daring, and Disaster
 A history of Search and Rescue in the National Parks.
Desert Solitaire
Essence of a Park Ranger's life over a three-season span in Utah.
  Desert Survival Handbook
"How to prevent and handle emergency situations.”
 “This book looks at the various aspects of Deserts.”
  Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Southwest
Intended for use in the field and for reference.
Fodor's National Parks of the West
Everything to see and do in the West’s 33 National Parks.
  From the Pecos to the Powder
Autobiography of Bob Kennon.
Geology of National Parks
Beauty and understanding of how the land may have been formed.

  Geology of the Delaware Basin
 A consolidation of all that is known about the Geology of the Delaware Basin.
Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of New Mexico
 Lots of old Black and White Photos with descriptive text.
  Grand Canyon: The Story Behind the Scenery
The Story Behind The Scenery series of books.
gringoguide.jpg Gringo's Guide to Mexican Cooking
 Authentic Mexican cooking in your own kitchen.
  The Guadalupe Mountains of Texas
 One of the best picture books about Texas.
theguadalupes.jpg Guadalupes
The Guadalupes and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  Guide to the National Parks of the Southwest
Bi-lingual, English and Spanish edition. Children’s favorite.

  High Noon in Lincoln
hikingCarlsbadCaverns.jpg Hiking Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks
“Both parks offer superb hiking in unique environments.”
  Hiking New Mexico
“An array of hiking possibilities.”
Hiking Texas
Hikes to suit all abilities and interests.
  howindiansuseddesertplants.jpg How Indians Used Desert Plants
Everything had a use and the Southwestern Indians found what it was.
Covers mostly the North American species of Hummingbird.
  Indeh: An Apache Odyssey
“A fascinating account of Apache history…”
Indians of Texas
“From prehistoric to modern time…”
  It Happened in New Mexico
Behind the scenes tour of characters and episodes in New Mexico’s past.
image002.gif Jim White's Own Story
In his own words Jim White tells his tale of exploring Carlsbad Caverns.
  Lechuguilla: Jewel of the Underground
Pictures and text, 2nd edition.
Little Critters of the Southwest
Kid tested. Brief introduction to some of the Southwest’s animal infants.
  Meet the Southwest Deserts
Covers the Desert…’once over lightly.’
The Mescalero Apaches
“A well written history…”
  Moon Handbook: New Mexico
"Every worthwhile sight and activity in New Mexico is covered in this book."
Moon Handbook: Texas
A completely unique experience traveling in Texas.
  moremysteries.jpg More Mysteries and Miracles of New Mexico
“Guide book to the genuinely bizarre in the Land of Enchantment.”
Mysteries and Miracles of New Mexico
  Myths and Mysteries of the Old West
National Park Service Camping Guide
If you want to know where to camp in the National Park Service areas, this is the book.
  New Mexico Activity Book
Activities and things to do all about New Mexico.
New Mexico's Best Ghost Towns
 A practical (usable) guide.
  New Mexico's Railroads
A railroad lovers' book. $19.95
guidepermianreef.jpg Guide to the Permian Reef Geology Trail
Hiking guide to a trail along part of McKittrick canyon in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  Ranchers, Ramblers, and Renegades
True tales of territorial New Mexico.
Roadside Geology of New Mexico
The varied landscapes of the Land of Enchantment.
  Roadside Geology of Texas
Tells you what you’re seeing as you’re driving Texas’s roads.
Roadside History of New Mexico
Some of the oldest history in the United States is in New Mexico.
  Roadside History of Texas
Past and present history of Texas, brought to life.
Saints of the Pueblos
 Hispanic influence on Native American art.
  scenicdrivingNewmexico.jpg Scenic Driving New Mexico
33 beautiful drives across New Mexico.
Scenic Driving Texas
32 drives through some of the most spectacular scenery in Texas.
  Southwest Desert Wildlife
Intro to some of the creatures that exist in the Desert Southwest.
Southwest Indian Designs
 Brief explanation of some popular Indian designs.
  Southwest Indian Pottery
The styles and the tribes, listed.
Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts
Weaving, pottery, silver, painting, many different forms of expression.
  The Southwest Inside Out
Maps, photos, hints, and resources. An award winner.
Southwestern Indian Tribes
A brief history and listing of the various tribes that make up the Southwest.
  Spirit of Exploration DVD
An hour long program about Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
Texas State Parks
The official guide to Texas State Parks.
  Touring New Mexico's Hot Springs
The best Hot Springs in New Mexico.
The Ultimate Desert Handbook
Know what to expect and what to look for.

  weatherinthesw.jpg Weather in the Southwest
Climate of the Southwest, with photos and text.
White Sands
  Wilderness Survival
 How to manage in an emergency situation.
Wildlife Identification
Usable field guide.

  extraordinarywomenamericanwest.jpg Extraordinary Women of the American West
Women of the New Mexico Frontier
Southwestern Women’s history lesson.



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