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Kids' Books


 Activities and fun for your budding naturalist.

BO 955 101 Questions about Desert Life
    A-Maze-ing Western National Parks
BO 161 Alejandro's Gift
Alejandro digs a well and has many visitors.
  BO 004 American Wildflowers Coloring Book
BO 499 Animal Homes
A look at different homes, burrows, nests, webs and dens.
  BO 290 Animal Leaps
 A Read and Learn coloring book.
BO 205 Animal Sticker Book
 Beautiful Animal stickers.
  BO 1035 Around One Cactus
BO 031
Bats by Gail Gibbons
Children's guide to bats, with colorful frames.
  MI 165 Big Room Puzzle
A Panoramic picture of the Big Room, with over 500 pieces.
  Bird Alphabet Book
 Make science fun.
  BO 202  Bird Mazes
Lots of pages of Mazes.
BO 291 Bird Speeds
A Read and Learn activity book.
  BO 212 Bugs Stickers
 Full of Bug Stickers.
BO 1039 C is for Coyote
 Photos and text, using the alphabet.
  BO 023 Cactus Coloring Book
 Detailed captions and beautiful pictures to color.
BO 399 Cactus Hotel
  MI 202 Carlsbad Caverns Bat Stickers
BO 299
Carlsbad Caverns Guadalupe Mountains Coloring Book
    Carlsbad Caverns Stickers
BO 234
  BO 1050
Desert Babies
A - Z

 The softer side of the Desert.
BO 052
Desert Wildlife of the Southwest Coloring Book
  BO 490
Did You Hear That?
BO 049
Do You See What I See?
  BO 247
Don't Call Me Pig
 About the Javelina; it?s not a pig.
BO 444
Easy Hidden Pictures
  BO 127
Educators' Activity Book About Bats
Test yourself on your knowledge of bats.
BO 874
How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears
  BO 1001
 I Howl, I Growl
BO 641 Icky Bug Alphabet Book
 Bugs in alphabetical order.
  BO 201
Insects Stickers
 4 Pages of Bug Stickers.
BO 188
Learning About Desert Animals
  BO 273
The Legend of Bluebonnet
BO 280
The Legend of Indian Paintbrush
  BO 603
Little Critters of the Southwest
 introduction to some of the Southwest?s animal infants.
BO 191
Lizards for Lunch
Story of the Roadrunner.
  BO 196
Mountain Wildlife Coloring Book
BO 283
Nature Activity Book
Plenty of puzzles and things to do.
  BO 263
New Mexico Activity Book
Activities about New Mexico.
BO 1016
North American Indian Design Coloring Book
  BO 1047
Outside and Inside Bats
BO 301
Park Ranger Coloring Book
  BO 345
Rocks and Minerals Sticker Book
Create your own book of minerals.
MI 011
Scramble Squares Bats
 The world?s most challenging puzzle.
  MI 233
Southwest Discovery Blocks
 Fun and educational.
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BO 1009 Southwest Indian Stickers
 24 Pressure sensitive designs.
  BO 261
Southwest Indians Coloring Book
 A history lesson  you can color.
BO 067
The most famous of all bats.
  BO 177
The Three Little Javelina
BO 1045
Tortoise and the Jackrabbit
  BO 1002
Way Out in the Desert Board Book
BO 008
What is a Bat?
  BO 639
Yucky Reptile Book
Reptile alphabet book.
BO 949
Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats



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